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Announcements in Forum : Audio, Video and Security
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Forum Rules

The following rules apply to all members of S-Chassis .com. They are instated to ensure a well-run board and to embrace meaningful discussions related to the Nissan S-Chassis model line:

1. No vendor advertising unless registered with our site. This includes but is not limited to threads, posts, avatars, and signatures. For advertising information please click here.

2. Before posting a question, please conduct a search for an answer and check our Newbie forum.

3. Absolutely no postings of nudity or sexually explicit materials. This site is "work friendly" and any images or avatars deemed unacceptable will be removed.

4. The moderators and administrators of S-Chassis.com have the right to edit/open/close/move/delete any thread or post.

5. Posting in all CAPS is forbidden. If the majority of a message if determined to be made up of CAPS it will be deleted and the user will be warned.

6. Circumventing the inappropriate language filter is forbidden. Repeat offenders will be banned.

7. No bashing vendors, shops, or other websites without just cause. club240.com reserves the right to determine when just cause has been proven, so all complaints should be sent to our staff for evaluation. If you don't like it and haven't talked to our staff about it, don't post.

8. S-Chassis com is an english-speaking forum. The contents of every message SHOULD be written with proper English. If you have been warned and the content is not corrected within 24 hours, your message will be deleted. The international forums are allowed to use some native language but entire threads may not be in a language other then english.

9. Post subjects should give an honest description of the content inside. This information should either be included in the subject or description line. Furthermore, subjects and messages should not have any derogatory comments towards any race, gender, sexuality, ethnic background, or age.

10. All issues with members should be taken up by email or through the use of our pm system. If you like, you may contact a moderator or staff member to mediate.

11. Flaming will not be tolerated for any reason. Users who verbally assault other posters on a regular basis will be banned. Name-calling is not acceptable. Moderator's judgment applies here. "You are wrong" is not a personal attack; "You are an idiot" is.

12. New Topics should be posted in the correct forum with an accurate description. Topics posted in the wrong forum will either be moved or deleted without moderator notification. If you continue to post messages in the wrong forum, you will be warned. If you cannot locate your thread view your started threads in your profile. If it is not listed it was deleted.

13. Our tech forums are here to answer important technical questions pertaining to the s-chassis model line. The quality of the content is very important, thus questions lacking technical merit will either be deleted or moved.

14. When replying to a thread in ANY of our tech forums, the poster should have at least one of the following: additional content pertaining to the subject, a related technical question. Replies with useless, unrelated comments or questions will be deleted.

15. No cross posting allowed. Do not copy the text from your new thread to another thread in a different forum. You may copy the link to your first thread and post that in another forum if you feel that the topic is related. The goal is to prevent two discussions on the same topic at the same time.

16. Street racing related threads are not permitted and will be deleted on sight. No questions asked. S-Chassis.com does not tolerate nor condone illicit activities.

17. Lowballing in the Marketplace is not allowed. This includes comments on price, where to get it cheaper or any inflammatory remarks. S-Chassis.com is in no way responsible for any transaction that takes place through this site.

18. Using the PM system to solicit non-vendor sales or to circumvent any of the site rules or policies is strictly prohibited. Any member engaging in this activity will be banned.

19. No posting of copyrighted or proprietary information without consent. This includes service manuals, software, music and last but not least vendor maps. Log files are permitted. Any use of log files to flame or discredit a vendor will result in deletion of the logs and/or the thread in it's entirety.

20. Multiple screen names is strictly forbidden. Any member found to be posting under two screen names will be banned for a minimum of 7 days and the additional accounts will be removed. Any repeat offense of this rule will result in a permanent ban of the member.

Members that violate these rules will typically be warned. If the offense is repeated then they may be banned for a time determined by the administrators and moderators.
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