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so cal area 240sx owners?

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Question so cal area 240sx owners?

Hey, I'm new to the car world.. and the 240sx world. I just got a 1989 240sx in March. I want to do some nice upgrades, along with some minor repair work, and a new tranny. If anyone can help with some questions and stuff, please do reply. Thanks.

Here are the things I need to do to it, to make it nice:

1.) Get new/fix foam spoiler. It's cracked, loose, and rusting.
a) Where can I get a new one?

2.) New antenna, didn't come with one.
a) Where can I get one?

3.) Fix two dents on right rear side. Flat bowl sized dent. And smaller dent.
a) Can I fix this myself?

4.) My right headlight wont stay in one spot. I tighten it, go on the highway, and it jumps back up, facing the stars.
a) New headlamp?

5.) Transmission is having hard time shifting between 1-2, and progressively getting worse, at a slow but steady pace.
a) New tranny? Flush it? Rebuild it? How much?

6.) Back seat buckle chewed up by previous owners dog.
a) Go to nissan dealership? Junk yard?

7.) Seat material deteriorating. Don't like the colors any how, and must change them to match new paint job, when I get it.
a) I heard I could just unzip it and take it off? how much would it cost to get new interior, different color?

8.) Mine is a hatchback, the cardboard type piece that is in the hatchback and lifts up when you open the back (sorry, i dont know what its called) one side is broken, one of the little plastic pieces, so I had to remove it.
a) How can I fix that?

9.) Moon roof whistles at 80+mph.
a) Normal?

10.) Might want to get a body kit.
a) Are there any good ones? what does an average run of the mill body kit run for?

11.) Paint job.
a) Where do get it? I want it lots of clear coat.

12.) Tinted windows
a) I hear that if you order the window glass tinted from Nissan, you can't get a ticket (In Southern California) for having your side windows tinted dark.

13.) Seats.
a) Can I get different bucket seats in her? Ex. I want to put the same seats from a 72-73 mustang grande into my 240. Is that possible? My dad owned one, loved the seats.

14.) The interior color.
a) Same color from the 72-73 mustang grande, dark emerald, shimmery.. but not sparkly. Hard to explain, is it possible to get the color from Ford?

15.) Things to make her fast. I'm just learning, I hear a better ignition coil, and a supercharger are a good start.
a) Yes? No? Advice?

16.) Tires & wheels.
a) I want a little bit wider tires, and different wheels. I hear the stock wheels for 89's (other years maybe too, not sure) Are worth a little bit of money. Yes? No?

Okay, well I think that's it for now, heh.. anyone brave enough to tackle that.. or even some of that, I'd be much oblidged. Thanks so much.

1989 240sx Hatchback
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lol... it might help if you posted this in the correct forum (this is Midwest, which CA isn't a part of)

But, since I'm a SoCal guy at heart (and I still go back to visit every 6-8 weeks), I'll answer what I can:

1) junkyard

2) junkyard or from http://www.courtesyparts.com As long as we're only talking about the mast (and not the motor), it's cheap enough to just buy a new one.

3) You can try ripping out the interior panelling and pushing the dent out. I was able to do that on one of my old cars, but if that doesn't work, I dunno. I personally don't have the tools/ability to drill a hole to pull it, fill the hole, and repaint.

4) not sure if I can answer that without more detail

5) New tranny fluid is always a good idea. Auto or Manual? Could be that your synchros are having issues (manual)...

6) junkyard

7) Well... I know my dad (in SoCal) got new leather for the interior of his Acura for only $800. I doubt you want leather, but it be cheaper than that, whatever you choose.

8) junkyard

9) mine too... kinda sucks

10) <--- big bomex fan, but I put all my money into performance. More interested in a car that is fast, rather than looks fast.

11) anything but MAACO

12) that's not true... as long as you stay above the state legal limit, you're okay. Texas is 35%, any tint shop can tell you the legal limit

13) Definitely different seats fit in... dunno about the mustang ones

14) dunno

15) uh... super charger? I don't think I've ever seen a S/C on a 240sx. And if it does exist, it's pretty rare. People will turbo the stock motor or do a motor swap. You've got lots of reading to do :-p

16) aluminum alloy stock wheels _may_ be worth something... steelies probably not at all.

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Haha, yea I wasn't sure where I was posting, I just clicked what I thought was closest. Never really posted in a forum before yesterday. But thanks so much I'll look into that stuff. My right headlight.. well it faces up higher than its supposed to, so i tightened it, so it would lean down more, but as soon as i hit any small bump it just jumps back up. That's what was going on with that. Yea my wheels are completely stock. That'd be neat to sell 'em so I can get some money towards ones I actually like. And the body kit, well I just wanted to know about body kits. I agree with you, I'd much rather her be fast, than *pimped out*/*riced out*. Thanks =)
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