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Here is my in depth install of the coolant bypass and my AEM intake install. This is what the coolant diagram looks like in the FSM it is pretty much the same diagram for KAE, and KA24de.
Name:  KAcoolantBypass.jpg
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Here is a before picture of the stock intake, looks pretty boo boo.
Name:  KA24decoolantbypass.jpg
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So first I needed to remove this crappy stock OEM intake. Then I had to locate the coolant bypass lines.
Name:  KATBbypass.jpg
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Name:  CoolantBypass1.jpg
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The line that should be removed for this mod is the outlet line running up to the reservoir. It's the place where you can also bleed the line when you fill the radiator and engine up with coolant.
Name:  coolantbypass4.jpg
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Then the inlet line isn't removed but it is transfered over to the reservoir making a complete connection.
Name:  CoolantBypass2.jpg
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Name:  CoolantBypass3.jpg
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Now the line to the TB should be capped, always protect your lines from rot and damage, I just simply used 10 cent's worth of valve cap stems as seen in this pic, or you can also just use the outlet lie removed to plug the lines.
Name:  coolantbypass5.jpg
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Now the new intake system can go in to place. I happen to buy the AEM because I live in cali and I need the CARB O.E.
Name:  coolantbypass6.jpg
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Name:  coolantbypass7.jpg
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There you go coolant bypass and the install of the AEM intake system. Honestly it would of been easier to remove the entire TB to get to the back of the coolant lines, I do label this a difficult mod, just because it is a BIOTCH getting the fingers behind the TB. You also have to be very careful and put some paper in the TB so that when you open the coolant bypass lines you dont get water in the TB. It's a simple mod but hard to work with, estimated time it took me for the bypass and install of the intake 2 1/2 hours. Hope you enjoyed.

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heres my coolant bypass on my 1989 sohc

first of, remove the intake and hoses from bay, also get all the wires out of the way
Name:  Picture005-1.jpg
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after this romove both hoses attached to the throttle body.
#1 hose and were it was removed from
Name:  Picture006-1.jpg
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Name:  hoser.jpg
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now #2 hose and were it was removed from
Name:  Picture007-1.jpg
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Name:  9.jpg
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now after this you will have to buy or find a hose long enough to connect the two nipples to complete the bypass. neither hoses you removed are long enough.
i got a hose from my freinds intake manifold that came out of his 1993 civic. this hose happened to be an almost perfect fit but many hoses will fit.(try to get one with at least one bend or get silicone one)
here it is
Name:  Picture009-1.jpg
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and here it is once connected
Name:  68.jpg
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now cap of the throttle body nipples and put everything back together. bleed the coolant system and take it for a drive.( some of you with bigger or fater hands, might have to remove the outlet hose for the radiator)

hope this helps someone and about gains i couldnt really tell because my exhaust is literally broke in half. but it was a fairly easy job, took me about an hour, only because i was taking my sweetass time.

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