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  1. Rb20det swap
  2. FS: Full-race SR20DET/VET Turbo manifold, downpipe and wastegate
  3. 350z wiseco pistons Fs/Ft
  4. FS ONLY: S13 Redtop SR20 Complete Swap - $1650
  5. Z32 MAF w/ Pigtails
  6. wtb 1995 s14 ka24de obd1 ecu asap!!!!!
  7. Ca18det part out . Good stuff
  8. SR 370cc Injectors S15 T28 Ball Bearing turbo
  9. JP: Trust greddy Type R and Rare Type S BOV
  10. FS : Tomei T-Trax 2way LSD (S13)
  11. WTB SR20DET Short Block ASAP
  12. WTB: S14 KA manual trans in or around MD
  13. KA24DE 5 speed trans/Radiator FS
  14. RB25det (S1) Maf with HPI filter
  15. JP: SR20 204mm OS Giken TS2BD & TS2B Kit
  16. Used S13 Hatc hparts
  17. Wtb: Ka24de
  18. WTB 240sx ka24de oem camshaft
  19. sr20det red top parts
  20. Silvia k's conversion pearl white
  21. FS: JDM Nissan SR20DET S13 AC Compressor (Red-top)
  22. KA-T parts for sale
  23. FS: JDM Nissan SR20DET S13 Alternator
  24. FS: S13 SR20det uncut Upper Harness w/ECU
  25. Bosch 2200CC Injectors with Collars and Clips
  26. TX: Random Parts Must Go!!! 850cc injectors, SR Tranny, SR Cams, SR Alternator +More!
  27. South Florida 2006 VQ35 engine for sale
  28. S13 Sr20det motor and engine parts for sale
  29. turbo parts for sale in south florida
  30. S14 Sr20det Engine, PTE5857 BB Turbo, Mazworx VG to SR, Wolf 3d Standalone ecu Plug..
  31. Brand New S13 Exhaust FS
  32. FS: Complete sr20 motorset / Sr20 Greddy td06 turbo kit / Misc sr stuff
  33. Brand New Civic SI Race Header!!! LOOK!!!
  34. Clean Rb25det Swap with new Aftermarket/OEM parts.
  35. FS: Uncut Upper/Lower S13 Sr20 harness and 62 ECU
  36. Clutch kit for 240 SR20
  37. SR20 Front Mount + Piping
  38. Zenki S14 PowerFC L-Jetro SR20DET
  39. FS: L.A. C.A.(Powder-Coated)KA24DE DOHC Valve Cover(Hi-Res-photos)
  40. SW MO: FS: 180sx Black Top SR (disassembled) and more...
  41. Rom tuned ECU/Denso 550cc's
  42. Lightweight KA24DE crankshaft for sale/ trade
  43. NY:FS: RB20DET Complete/Disassembled
  44. Ny:fs: S13 rb fmic
  45. NY:FS: S13 Turboback
  46. Sr20 greddy filter maf & rare jdm omori oil filter relocation
  47. Random RB parts
  48. and New RS*R Down Pipe SR/KA-T Stainless Steel
  49. FS: FL. s14 driveshaft shop aluminum
  50. SR20DET S14 Zenki HARNESS, Z32 MAF Connector
  51. CADET Racing Staff Ecu
  52. STI 550cc injectors
  53. FS: KADE Brian Crower stage2 cam shaft
  54. TX: S14 Parts, T25 Turbo, and Others
  55. s13 Apexi GT Spec exhaust
  56. hks gt2540r / gt2871r
  57. In need of Ka24DE Cylinder Head Parts!!!!!!
  58. RB26 JGY Top Feed Fuel Rail and Titan Motorsports 1000cc Injectors for sale.
  59. NYC: S13 5speed trans, Megan MM, 5SPD driveshaft, ACT clucth &misc
  60. WTB:S13 SR20DET ShortBlock ASAP!!!
  61. FS: JDM Bee*R Dual Canister 3" Catback Exhaust 89-94 240sx [NEW JERSEY]
  62. FS: 240sx SR20DET GReddy (Trust) 3" Downpipe [NEW JERSEY]
  63. FS NJ : Powder coated SR20det valve cover Purple with gold flakes
  64. Selling SOHC a/t for $250
  65. Roughly 150 Aftermarket and OEM Parts For Sale!!!
  66. For Sale : AEM FPR & KA ECU's
  67. FS: S13 SR20DET Blacktop Alternator
  68. blktop ecu
  69. F/S SR20 apexi air intake
  70. Megan 4-1 KA24DE NA Headers NIB
  71. WTB S14 Ka disributor and upper timeing cover
  72. FS NJ : Competition Clutch Stage 4 Nissan 240sx SR20DET RWD w/ flywheel
  73. 91 240 sx auto tranny
  74. Nissan SR engine and more
  75. huge sr20det,rb26dett,ka24e,ka24de,2jzgte and 240sx part out tons of stuff!!!!!!
  76. f/s brand new in box bosch 044 fuel pump
  77. S13 Engine
  78. APEXI AVC-R WITH HARNESS $$600$$$ obo
  79. t28 or t25 Turbo
  80. ka24 turbo manifold
  81. F.S. s14 sr20det parts .
  82. turbo set up
  83. S13 Trust/Greddy Oil Cooler & Filter Relocation Kit *575 shipped*
  84. F/S JP: Type B Bee-R Rev Limiter
  85. Tech2 240sx 1JZ/2JZ Swap kit w/ Modified Koyo Rad
  86. Hks pfc fcon
  87. RB25DET parts for sale real cheap O.B.O
  88. 95 ka24de
  89. vq40 and auto trans
  90. Greddy Emanage Ultimate with PNP Redtop SR20DET Harness and AF Target Harness
  91. s13 sr20det parts for sale cheap!!!
  92. WTB 91-94 KA24DE engine harness!!!!
  93. SR20DE Head & Parts
  94. Sr20det Redtop Stock Cams and Valve Springs and retainers
  95. NY: Sr20det Redtop intake manifold with IAC, TB & TPS & Injectors
  96. NC: T04E Turbo
  97. TX: After NEW YEARS Electronics Blowout!!!! HKS, Apexi, Zeitronix
  98. FS: New Kaaz Super Q 1.5way LSD - 650obo
  99. *BNIB* Precision GT2871R .86AR
  100. TX-:Greddy Gauges & parts,SR20DET Timing Chain kit, skyline/rb parts, nitrous, etc
  101. (WI) 240sx parts sale
  102. FS: Built KA24DE-T
  103. WTB: 92 KA24DE auto transmission bell housing
  104. WTB: Complete Wiring Harness KA24E
  105. Garrett T3/T4 Turbo Charger 57 Trim - $500
  106. FS:Nismo 555cc injectors
  107. FS: Stainless Steel Bolt Kit KA24DE
  108. FS: BRAND NEW Garett GT2871R .64 a/r [NEW JERSEY]
  109. S13 sr20 Parts
  110. FS: 89-94 240sx GReddy Ti-C 3" Exhaust Great Condition [NEW JERSEY]
  111. Stainless steel Exhaust Manifold SR (New)
  112. Fs: Sr20det front mount intercooler
  113. S13 SR20DET RWD valve cover
  114. FS: BRAND NEW 600cc Deatschwerks Side feed injectors [NJ]
  115. CP Forged Pistons "Brand New"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  116. Holset ht18s-2s turbo
  117. F/S FAL fans, Koyo rad for SR, Greddy fmic kit
  118. Hks super drager exhaust ( s14 )
  119. FS: SR Turbo & Mani, Turbo Elbow, Downpipe, N1 Style Exhaust,
  120. FS: Electronic Boost Controller
  121. random s13 parts
  122. FS: SR20DET GReddy Light Weight Pulleys w/ Alternator
  123. fs: 89-90 ka ecu + stage 3 na tuned chip
  124. U Want It I Don't Need It Sale!!!!!!!!!!
  125. *** S13 91-94 oem oil pan ***
  126. cat-back exhaust for sale SO-CAL
  127. NJ - Silvia S14 SR20DET Front Clip 240sx Turbo
  128. GT2860RS aka GT28RS, Mishimoto Intercooler BRAND NEW!!!!
  129. FS: 370cc injectors, s13 & s14 ECU
  130. Nissan Factory Service Manuals 240SX 1997 & 1998 w. bonus CD
  131. F/S: Turbos, throttle bodies, LS3, 2UZ Motor, Motec
  132. Fs: S13 ka24de
  133. 240sx crap, stock and aftermarket.
  134. FS: 89-94 240sx SSautochrome 3" Exhaust Painted Sleeper Flat Black
  135. Wtb : Ka24de
  136. WTB or Trade for a S14 uncut KA engine harness and ECU
  137. NJ - Jdm SR20DET S13 Blacktop Engine Swap
  138. TX: S14 Blacktop Oem Parts, S15 T28, Z32 Maf, and MORE!!!!!!
  139. fs:s13 headers n intake manafold
  140. Apexi World Sport 2 Cat Back for S14 (new)
  141. Apex NEO afc
  142. fs: ka24det,megan streets coils,roof wing,apexi catback
  143. WTB: 2.5" BRM ss dual tip exhaust w/ resonator for my s13
  144. Bare FReddy Intake mani SR20DET
  145. (SOHC) Exedy clutch and ECU (So-Cal)
  146. FS:Stage 3 exedy clutch ka24e
  147. Ny f/s kaaz 2way lsd
  148. wtb s14 ka24de and trans
  149. Methanol Injection Trunk Mount Kit
  150. WTB: s14 vlsd
  151. (SOHC) Exedy clutch and ECU (So-Cal)
  152. WTB NJ: Ka24De Long Block
  153. Greddy Intake manifold for S14 S15 Sr20det
  154. FS : Intake w/ Filter, Dual Fans
  155. So-Cal: KA24DE parts
  156. KA24DE T3 Peak Boost Turbo Manifold For Sale!
  157. S13 + S14 Stuff for sale
  158. wtb:ka24de motor no trans
  159. FS/FT: S13 240SX parts
  160. FS NY: 4x r33 444cc Injectors $100 shipped
  161. S14 OEM and Aftermarket parts-mostly engine/turbo/suspension stuff
  162. Sard 850cc Injectors for Sr20det or Ka24de & S14 sr20det Greddy Intake Manifold
  163. Yamato Garage sr20det high flow side feed fuel rail
  164. Bunch of random S13 stuff
  165. FS: s13/s14 My drift car partout. Greddy intake,stance,d-max!!
  166. Emanage Ultimate
  167. 1992 ka24de engine
  168. parting 300zxturbo x2
  169. s13 parts for sale,ka24de 1995 engine
  170. sr20det arp head studs BRANDNEW!
  171. FS:Sun Hyper Voltage System
  172. FS: optima red top battery in NJ
  173. FS: nismo rad cap
  174. F/S FTT E-Manage ULT. BNIB
  175. 94 with alot of goodies Va(22737)
  176. FS: Authentic APEX'i Dual N1 Exhaust for 89-94 240sx [NEW JERSEY]
  177. WTB: KA24DE Motor and Tranny
  178. WTB-5-bolt top mount down pipe
  179. FS: SoCal: 4AWG Grounding Cables
  180. FS: 2 KA24E engines
  181. jdm 300zx drivetrain cheap(2+2 turbo conversion)
  182. Brand new in box greddy turbo kit 96-98
  183. T/W F/T S13 SR20DET Bikirom ECU w/USB
  184. FS:USED 240sx DC Headers for S13 91-94 $100
  185. Fs: Nissan 240sx s13 dc headers used
  186. KA24E complete head w/gasket set & Chilton for 89' 240sx S13
  187. F/S 5spd KA24DE engine harness and ecu, $140 obo shipped
  188. ROOM CLEANING rb turbo, sr turbo! LOOK! turbo parts!
  189. F/S or trade to4e rebuilt turbo no shaft play
  190. FS: Brand New T3 Turbo Exhaust Manifold SR20DET Topmount
  191. F/S: So-Cal: ka24de T25 turbo kit (low miles)
  192. Exedy stage 2 clutch
  193. FS S-14 Tanabe Concept G Exhaust 3.5
  194. WTB: Top mount Down Pipe
  195. ****SR20DET Z32 Brakes silvia front end
  196. OBX short shifter cheap
  197. Al: wtb ka24de and harness
  198. oil cooler kit
  199. S13 SR20DET t28 hks step 1 cams
  200. N/a sr20 90k no problems runs great
  201. FS: Greddy Type RS b.o.v. shipping included
  202. FS: GReddy Type RS BOV & hot pipe
  203. Al: sr20det head, red top, bare or assembled, never decked or ported, 48 k mile
  204. FS: Good Condition Holset HY35W T3 turbo
  205. Nismo R4 Cam (KA24E) on Ebay
  206. wtb or make trade for ka24de engine and bell housing
  207. al: sr20det parts for sale, great condition
  208. S14 SR20DET and PARTS! Can Partout!
  209. Fs: Oem s13 smic and cold pipe
  210. **FS**New Nismo GT Pro LSD (2-Way) in SoCal
  211. S14 KADE S13/SR parts F/S, pics!!!!
  212. FS: Greddy Turbo Timer
  213. FS: Aem Uego Wideband
  214. Brand New CP Pistons For Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  215. S13 Cams
  216. s13 blacktop sr complete swap
  217. F/S Complete S14 5spd swap NYC/NJ Pick up only
  218. FS: GTR Oil PAN, RB25 ECU and Parts
  219. SD,CA ONLY: S14 Aftermarket Smog Legal Exhaust w/ Stock Dummy CAT
  221. Remote oil filter relocation parts, Mostly Canton Racing
  222. FS: AEM EMS 30-1621U for Nissan Skyline
  223. Used Sard 550cc injectors
  224. FS: Complete Rb26dett Swap
  225. f/s 91-93 240sx performance parts
  226. Rb20det
  227. wanted: G70 pigtail
  228. FS: S13 Parts
  229. 5-speed Kouki S14 sr20det Transmission/ Aluminum Drive shaft shop Drive shaft
  230. 92 ka24de motor parts
  231. ASPEC Blast Pipes Right Staggered
  232. FS: SR20DET ACT Stage 2 Heavy Duty 6 Puck Clutch
  233. WTB ka24de motor with 5 speed trans
  234. Complete 1JZGTE Short Block
  235. S13 Parts FS New Fan/Headgasket
  236. NJ Silvia Brakes, Clutch, Manual Transmission
  237. FS: KA24DE Motor Set, NJ
  238. WTB: Ka24de Motor and Transmission
  239. up the creek, WTB KA24de
  240. FS:NY: Misc Parts- CA18DET OEM Clutch, KA/SR MAF, t25 Dump Pipe
  241. WTB working dizzy (distributor) in NJ area
  242. silvia sr20det parts galore
  243. WTB# some parts
  244. WTB: SR20 Crank pulley
  245. [NJ] Cleaning Garage Sale JDM RHD DCC Stuff
  246. Wideband and I.C. for sale
  247. NJ. 550cc rc injectors top feed
  248. FS: KA24DE Turbo Kit Cheap, Big Power! Lotta PICS
  249. FS: ASPEC Blast Pipes NIB
  250. 4 bolt rims/tires, DOHC timing parts, used 11lb flywheel and more